Nephrology Diagnosis

Diagnostic imaging might be a technique and methodology of building the visual portrayals of the inside of a body for clinical investigation and decisive intercession. The treatment for renal issue varies relying upon what stage the renal issue is and elective individual components. For those whose kidneys never again work all around ok all alone without renal treatment, pro will regularly prescribe either renal dialysis or a kidney transplant. Nephrological treatment comprises of steroid meds, blood items, plasma trade and dialysis. Kidney inconveniences will have significant effect on quality and length of life, and afterward mental help, wellbeing training and propelled care concocting assume key jobs in nephrology.


  • Diagnostic, Imaging & Radiation techniques
  • Medical ultrasonography
  • Computed axial tomography
  • Scintigraphy & Nuclear medicine
  • Recent advancements in renal therapeutics
  • Excess fluids & waste from blood

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