Nephrolithiasis and Urological Disorders

Nephrolithiasis and Urological Disorders are vital components of nephrology, focusing on kidney stone formation and related urological conditions. This area encompasses a comprehensive understanding of factors contributing to kidney stone development, including diet, genetics, hydration, and metabolic anomalies. The topic also addresses various diagnostic approaches, such as imaging techniques and urinary parameter evaluation, to identify stone presence, size, and location.

Management strategies for nephrolithiasis play a significant role, encompassing both conservative measures and advanced interventions. These approaches range from increased fluid intake and dietary modifications to minimize stone recurrence to more complex procedures like extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), ureteroscopy, and minimally invasive surgery to address larger stones.


    Related Conference of Nephrolithiasis and Urological Disorders

    October 25-26, 2023

    11th World Congress on Epidemiology & Public Health

    Nova Scotia, Canada
    November 15-16, 2023

    27th European Nephrology Conference

    Barcelona, Spain
    November 20-21, 2023

    22nd Annual Conference on Urology and Nephrological Disorders

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    February 22-23, 2024

    20th World Nephrology Conference

    Zurich, Switzerland

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