Impact of Covid19 on Kidney

The impact of Corona virus on the kidneys appears to be multifactorial. Prefactors from collateral of COVID19, such as chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes can be seen as grantors for the emerging kidney impairment. It means that accessory conditions are particularly superintended for glomerular damages happening in pathogenesis of COVID19. Around 40% of patients with COVID 19 exhibit symptoms of abnormal kidney function like hematuria or albuminuria. Signs of kidney problems in patients with corona virus infection involve higher levels of protein in the urine & disturbances in blood flow. People with a kidney transplant should take immunosuppressive medicines also known as antirejection medicines. The mechanism of these medicines involves keeping the immune system less active, which results harder to fight infections. Taking medicines in these conditions are crucial. Apart from those thoroughly washing hands, maintaining good hygiene & following the suggestions from their healthcare team are also important to stay away from corona virus. Lesser levels of oxygen in corona virus patients may lead to cause pneumonia.

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