Urinary Retention

Urinary retention is explicated as the impotence to entirely or artificially empty the bladder. Enduring from urinary retention impels that individual might be face difficulties to start urination, or if individual can able to start urination, he/she can’t completely empty their bladder. There are two common types of urinary retention; they are obstructive & non-obstructive urinary retention. If there is an obstruction like kidney stones, urine cannot flow without disturbance through the urinary track. Non obstructive causes involve a weak bladder muscle & nerve problems that connects with signals present between the brain & the bladder. If the nerves are not functioning properly, the brain may not receive the message that the bladder is completely full. Urinary retention affects both male and female, but it happens more often in males, specifically as they get older. At the age of 80, a man’s chance of having acute urinary retention at least once is over 30 per cent. Anything that prevents the urine flow from urinary bladder can cause acute or chronic urinary retention. A sudden & complete obstruction results acute urinary retention.

  • Prostate enlargement
  • Cytoscopy & Citi scan

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